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Cannabis indicus

Abbreviation: Cann-i

Family: Cannibaceae Family

Common Name: Indian Hemp


In this remedy, the patient’s mental faculties are stimulated to such a degree that sensations and emotions become extremely exaggerated and out of proportion; time and distances seem longer than they really are; they forget what they will say or were thinking; they can be extremely happy or extremely sad and their moods can change very quickly from being blissful to extremely delusional and paranoid. 

They are lost in their thoughts and have many great ideas but they can’t seem to make any come to fruition. They philosophize non-stop about spiritual matters and other great topics; they can even have out of body experiences.

There can be paralysis of the lower extremities and movement can become difficult and tiring even after very short periods.

They can be very sleepy but unable to sleep; they have a tendency to jerk out of their sleep.

A trademark for this remedy is bulging eyes and a tendency to urinary infections.

​Most symptoms are better outdoors in the fresh air and worse for movement, use of stimulants or hot places.