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Lachesis mutus

Abbreviation: Lach

Family: Crotalideae Family

Common Name: Bushmaster snake


One of the most loquacious and most jealous remedies in the Materia Medica, this remedy has an affinity to the blood causing hemorrhaging and septic states with weakness and debility.

There can be great delirium in the patient with marked trembling; they can be sad one moment, full of envy or rage the next or be in a state of confusion. There can even be a sense of religious insanity.

This remedy is good for those going through climacteric stage in life due to suppressed menses; they feel heat in their symptoms.

They generally don't like anything tight around their necks and can often suffer from suffocating symptoms; their breathing can stop suddenly in sleep cause sleep apnea. They sleep into their aggravations and get worse as they sleep.

​They are usually better with warm applications and from the appearance of their discharges; They are worse for the suppression of discharges, tight clothing, after sleep and often the symptoms are left sided.